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Round Table Prisma Cloud
by Palo Alto Networks

June 24, 2021

16:00h - 18:00h CET


Operationalizing Cloud Security Like Deploying and Maintaining an App

Traditionally, when implementing and operationalizing security at an organization, it was deployed between software, or it had to be deployed onto software or listening to software. It had to already be something, it had to be ‘living’ and probably talking other software, or an exploit had to be able to run on it – it had to exist in its final form before security controls could initiate. And that’s just the way it was for a long time.

Now cloud and cloud native deployments are a new dimension of risk as the dynamic scale of these environments can introduce additional risks, also at scale.

Ultimately there are not enough dedicated qualified security resources to manage the risk that is introduced by this exponential increase in the deployment of resources. If we look at a representative deployment of teams in an organization there may be over a hundred developers and handful of DevOps and maybe just a couple of security personnel focused on securing your cloud deployed resources. If you are a developer, you’re likely striving to continuously streamline the way in which you manage code and define policies. In security, we should strive to think the same by enabling our policies to be built, shipped and run as code. Learn more about running security as an app in this blog. 

So how can organizations ensure that this process keeps improving and being optimized ? During this round table we’ll talk more about how. We will also bring inspiring examples of progressive customers and partners to the table. It is also possible to receive a box filled with drinks and snacks for during the round table- event. If you want to join this round table conversation please sign up using the button below!


David Maclean

David Maclean

Manager Systems Engineering at Prisma Cloud

With over 15 years experience in the security industry David has been helping customers design and implement secure application deployments by reducing the attack surface, identifying and protecting against anomalies as well as maintaining compliance and best practices. Today, automation and orchestration are a key part of our journey to realise a true security first approach while deploying applications and David is currently at Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks helping his customers maintain continuous security while consuming cloud and cloud-native technologies by enabling not only security on running environments but also throughout their application lifecycle regardless of deployment methodologies.

This can also include how they help security teams drive further efficiency by enabling an application lifecycle approach to how they manage the ongoing creation, testing and roll out of cloud native security policies as well as further automation and remediation with regards to security events regardless of where risk is identified throughout the lifecycle.


  • 16:00h – 16:45h CEST – Presentation David Maclean
  • 16:45h – 17:00h CEST – Q&A
  • 17:00h – 18:00h CEST – Open discussion and enjoying a box filled with drinks and snacks delivered at your home

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16:00h – 18:00h CEST

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