Purpose of a Cloud Business Office – Videos of the presentations

Purpose of a Cloud Business Office - videos of the presentations

On July 4th 2019, the Cloud Architect Alliance organized an event about the purpose of the Cloud Business Office. During the event, no less than 4 speakers shared their viewpoint on stakeholder management and their experiences with a Cloud Business Office or similar horizontal engagement of stakeholders in an organization. The talks that were held during the night were recorded on video for everyone to enjoy.

Jonathan Allen - Cloud Leadership Team, Business Office, Platform Engineering & Stakeholders

In this video, recorded during the event, Jonathan Allen, enterprise strategist at AWS, talks about his vision on how to organize the different stakeholders of a cloud transformation.

Fred Streefland - How to ‘bridge’ the gap between Cloud Architects & the CISO?

In this video, Fred Streefland, CSO NEEUR at Palo Alto Networks, talks about his experiences with stakeholders in cloud transitions.

Bernard Drost -
Cloud Business Office

In this video, recorded during the event, Bernard Drost, VP & MD EMEA at Cloud Technology Partners, talks about the philosophy of the Cloud Business Office.

Arthur van der Wees -
In Cloud we Trust

In this video, recorder during the event, Arthur van der Wees, founder of international tech lawfirm Arthur’s legal, talks about how to build cloud architectures that are functional and trustworthy while keeping an eye on ‘non-functional’ such as GRC at the same time.

The high performing Cloud Architect

The high performing Cloud Architect

A concise guide to becoming a more effective Cloud Architect

As the role of the Cloud Architect in organizations matures, it becomes more widely acknowledged that the Cloud Architect is the linking pin for a successful digital transformation in enterprise settings. We believe it is prudent to elaborate on some essential competencies of the high performing Cloud Architect.

In this booklet, we have chosen to focus on the ‘people’ side of the Cloud Architect. We feel this is an often neglected but very important aspect of the Cloud Architect. The way a Cloud Architect handles organizational culture and behavior is what makes a high performing Cloud Architect stand out.

    The high performing Cloud Architect

    The Purpose of a Cloud Business Office – July 4th, 2019

    During this session we identified the stakeholders of the cloud transition and learned what drives them. We looked at ways to align stakeholders during and after your transition. How can you manage each of their interests? A way to organize your stakeholders and keep them aligned is forming a Cloud Business Office, but what is the purpose of the Cloud Business Office? These and other questions were answered during this session.

    Topics covered during this event on the 4th of July:

    • The philosophy of the Cloud Business Office;
    • The horizontal imensions and other ‘non-functional’ that are still often forgotten.
    • Experiences of a former CISO & current CSO;
    • Stakeholders in a cloud transformation;

    NetApp Kubernetes Service: Accelerated Application Development and Deployment at Scale

    NetApp Kubernetes Service

    Kubernetes has become the de facto platform for container orchestration and dominates the market for container orchestration solutions. All major cloud vendors now provide a managed Kubernetes service, such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) on AWS. In this guide our highly appreciated sponsor NetApp shows how NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) and Cloud Volumes Service for AWS can be used to deploy Kubernetes clusters with persistent storage in any of the major cloud environments. 

    NetApp Build@Scale uses these services to create a software development platform that accelerates application development in hybrid environments. The paper describes the benefits of using NKS and the advantages of using Cloud Volumes Service for provisioning storage, and demonstrates how Build@Scale works. It also looks at the RESTful API interface for Cloud Volumes Service for AWS, and shows how it can be used to perform basic operations, such as creating volumes, snapshots, and clones.